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The Board of Directors

Dr. Leon Smith

Dr. H. L. Smith Founder & President

Dr. Smith is the visionary and foundation of the University. Dr. Smith is responsible for formulating policies that point the institution in the direction of accomplishing the university’s vision. Working in collaboration with the Chancellor and Provost, Dr. Smith provides direction and guidance to all sectors of the University and, in particular, leads and manages the performance of the University’s Executive so as to ensure the effective and efficient management of the University and all its resources.

Dr. Earle H. Fulford

Dr. Earle H. Fulford Chancellor & CEO

Dr. Fulford is the Chief Executive Officer, bursar, academic, thought leader, and chairperson of the governing body of the University system, Dr, Fulford advocates for the university, helping to raise the university’s profile and advance its interest regionally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Fulford presides over the conferment of degrees, regulatory oversight of the university, and facilitating partnerships or relationships in other settings along with financial management and coordinating all areas of the university performances. Dr. Fulford is responsible for pointing out the chief challenges facing the university, working in collaboration with the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Dr. Fulford oversees and develops a long-term strategic plan for the university’s future, which includes the development and implementation of innovative programs, projects, academic curriculums and services, and is the chief spokesperson for the SCU system, the principal representative to all constituencies of the SCU, and, in this role, has the responsibility for effectively communicating the university’s mission and effectiveness in meeting that mission.

Dr. Sameka Thompson

Dr. Sameka Thompson Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Dr. Sameka Thompson works in collaboration with the Chancellor. Dr. Thompson’s key responsibilities will oversee the alumni relations offices, advancement services, and University development. This includes strategies and initiatives to support the University’s future capital campaign, corporate expansion, and fundraising efforts. Dr. Sameka Thompson will build a strong public understanding and private support for SCU and continue to attract and return outstanding students. Dr. Sameka Thompson will collaborate with the Associate Vice Provost of Development and Retention. Together, they will contribute to advancing the University’s image/brand related to its target audiences, local communication, and internal and external constituents. The Office of Public Relations is also responsible for the final review and sign-off on the design of all university publications for external audiences.

Nickesha A. Jones-Barr

Nickesha A. Jones-Barr, B.A. Vice Provost for Enrollment & Business Services

Mrs. Barr services in collaboration with the Chancellor as the university’s Accountant, chief administrative and enrollment strategist with responsibilities for financial transactions of the university’s operations, plans, leads and implements key academic initiatives across all faculties, overseeing the officers of student affairs, admissions, student financial aid, the university registrar, and honor scholarships, Mrs. Barr intentionally works to realize the University’s vision in four essential ways: accountability of financial transaction, providing services, supporting diversity and facilitating student success.

Dr. Geraldine Whittaker

Dr. Geraldine Whittaker Vice Provost for Education Equality & Faculty Affairs

Dr. Whittaker is responsible for developing faculty careers, embracing faculty productivity, recognizing faculty and student excellence, cultivating academic leadership, providing a nurturing campus climate on all campuses, and defining faculty responsibilities and student rights. Dr. Whittaker is responsible for the evaluation of new faculty members and the verification of their credentials. Dr. Whittaker is responsible for surveying faculty and staff members to select featured individuals who stand out each month or quarter. Dr. Whittaker then provides the reviews to the Associate Vice Chancellor who will in turn send them to the EVC/Provost for final approval. All features of faculty and staff members will be showcased on the University’s website and social media sites.

Dr. Nadine Tomlinson

Dr. Nadine TomlinsonCommunications & Research Management

Dr. Tomlinson works alongside the Chancellor and across faculties, with a focus on scientific and social research, technological development, and marketing strategies to promote and advance the university. This includes providing technical support to students for completing their casework, thesis, dissertation, and invigilating examinations. Additionally, Dr. Tomlinson ensures the improvement of education, training, and resource management, implementing standards, policies, and procedures in compliance with state regulations to maintain the institution’s integrity and reputation.

Nordia Griffits

Nordia GriffitsVice Provost for Office management and Secretarial Services

Ms. Griffits serves in collaboration with the Vice Provost of enrollment and business services, all faculties and the Board of directors. Ms. Griffits responsibilities include; the performance of secretarial and office management services in the area of corporate information governance, policy and legal advice, risk and ethics management, data protection, freedom of information and records management. The University Secretary co-ordinates responses to sector consultations, works to influence and support higher education policy development nationally and supports initiatives in the University to innovate change practice in pursuit of the University and state professional code of ethics policy guidelines.

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