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Experience undergraduate excellence at SCU!

Academic excellence forms the bedrock of your success, enabling you to tackle challenges in your career, life, and ministry. It strengthens your unique gifts, turning your passions and dreams into achievable realities.

At Smith Christian University, we are committed to nurturing your potential for success in both career and ministry. Our academic programs are meticulously crafted to provide you with precisely what you need to fulfill God’s calling for you.

Smith Christian University offers exceptional Christian education through on-campus, online, and other distance learning options. Students learn to serve and lead, acquiring crucial leadership and life skills.

You will be equipped to serve.

You will be prepared to lead.

Our potent grant and scholarship programs can significantly reduce your costs.

You desire the Bible? You desire SCU.

Our educational approach centers around the study of God’s Word. Our biblically grounded general studies seamlessly integrate with a solid core of theology and practical courses.

We believe you should comprehend what you are taught. You should pose challenging questions and engage in thoughtful discussions. Our aim is to guide you as you develop the core convictions and biblically based beliefs that will prepare you for success in every area of life.

You should ask challenging questions, engage in thoughtful discussion, and learn how to develop core convictions and beliefs that will prepare you for success in every area of life.

Our programs are tailored for you.

With 35 undergraduate programs, SCU enables you to align your talents and interests with a specific field.

Your master’s degree provides you with an outstanding biblical foundation for any ministry or leadership career you pursue. The depth of your coursework gives you the equivalent of a double major in your chosen field.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Diploma in Theology
  • Associate in Theology
  • Advanced Diploma in Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science in Christian Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Church Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry

Our faculty and staff are exceptional.

Our highly qualified professors bring a wealth of knowledge and ministry experience to the classroom. They blend their commitment to the Bible with innovative teaching techniques. This combination ensures you have the best possible learning experience.

An average class size of just 19 students enables professors to focus on your individual needs and abilities. Your learning takes place in a comfortable, interactive environment.

Our graduates are successful.

Everything you need to succeed in ministry and life is at SCU. We offer you a world of opportunities to serve the Lord.

Many SCU graduates choose to pursue further education beyond the graduate level. Those who opt to attend elsewhere have gained acceptance and excelled at top-level graduate schools and seminaries. Successful graduates also provide a network of alumni for support in their future careers.

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